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Loam Calculator

This calculator will figure the square footage when you put in the appropriate dimensions of the area to be covered or filled. First, put in the dimensions of the area you'd like to fill. The second step is to put in the depth of loam you want to add in inches. It will automatically calculate the cubic yards of loam needed. We hope this helps save you time to quickly calculate the amount of loam you need for your landscpaing project.

Step 1-Fill in the appropriate dimensions.

For Rectangular Areas:

For Circular Areas:

Step 2 - Add the depth.

IMG 3289 now you know how much top soil sMake sure you put in the depth you want of soil to add
square feet
cubic yards
cubic yards

Now that you know what quantity you need, call Paul at 781-254-2773 to arrange delivery or if you need us to spread the material for you, we would be happy to do that also.

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