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Loam For Sale

screened loam small P4210054Our loam is available for sale in the Greater Boston area as well as some of Metro West at attractive prices for a quality screened product. Our yard is located in the Riverside section of Dedham, so we can deliver to all of Boston conveniently. We have the trucks and will go farther, so please call if you have any questions. We also have a second location out by I-495, so there is an option to service more area than is listed here. We supply the highest quality screened loam. All of our loam for sale is selected for the right components of sand, silt, clay as well as for pH, nutrients and organic matter. That is what makes it a quality product. BostonLoam sells a quality native material that is screened and stockpiled for delivery to you when you need it. Our loam is not mixed with other materials. If you are not sure how much loam you need, we have a loam calculator available to help estimate what you need.

loam Uses

Our loam is made to be used for your landscaping, gardening and turfgrass needs. For an area that you want to look good or improve, start with the right soil. When selecting the right loam for sale, the question arises as to how much to pay and how good it is. A lower quality product can be used, but needs more fertilizer and other supplements to make the landscaping planted in it grow well and thrive. We think a good soil type is a better starting point for your plant-growing and landscaping needs. BostonLoam is used for residential and commercial applications, including landscaping, planting pits, home gardens, lawns, raised beds, athletic fields, sod, vegetable gardening, planting beds and more.


In addition to selling loam, we offer delivery of all quantities of loam. We have delivery service available and mapped out to make it easy to figure the total cost of your proposed project and decide if you want to pick up the loam or have it delivered.

Clean Fill

A by-product of our loam for sale is the screening operation that produces a clean fill by-product. This is what is pulled out of the loam and makes a very nice stony fill material that can be used to correct depressions and areas that are lower than what you would fill with loam. We can also deliver the clean fill to you or you may pick it up at our yard. For pricing, please call Paul at 781-254-2773.

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