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Screened Loam, $28.00 Per Yard

Boston Loam is sold from our yard located in the Riverside section of Dedham, Massacusetts at $28.00 per yard. There is also an internet coupon available with an additional discount. We are happy to have purchases of any quantity that is greater than one yard. We can make exceptions certainly. This pertains mainly to deliveries so that there is enough involved to make sence. Our ability to spread soil and compost makes it easier for customers that do not want to put in the time moving the dirt they get. This service is added to make the process of lawn and garden improvement as easy as possible. Large volume orders can be easily accommodated with our trucking capabilities. We often have a 3- to 5-yard truck standing by to get what you need delivered. If the volumes are larger, we can deliver tri-axle loads and trailer dump trucks to any location in Massacusetts.

If you want the back of a pick-up filled, we are happy to do that and can handle both full-sized and small pick-up truck bodies. Please call us first if you are looking to pick up material at our yard because trucks and people are in and out all the time. We would not want you waiting to get loaded. 

screened-topsoilA close up of our screened loam

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