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What Is Compost?

source material prior to grinding and compostingP3150057 smallSome of our source material prior to grinding and composting. It's hard to believe how much it will break down.Compost is the end result of decomposition of plant material that has been mechanically reduced in size and then, over time, the biological process of decomposition further breaks down the plant and food waste into even smaller particle size. The mechanical grinding of waste plant material reduces the time and space needed to recycle plant waste - transforming it from a disposal problem to a valuable commodity that can then be used in gardening and landscape applications. Without organized composting yards, organic materials are recycled by nature over time regardless of human intervention. It has been going on for centuries and is what helped create fertile soils. With density of population in suburban areas and increased landscape waste, recycling reduces the waste material by at least 50 percent and keeps it out of the area landfills that are too full already.

Proactivly manage waste

Managed composting speeds up the breakdown of organic components and gets them ready for re-use faster. We can simulate Mother Nature but with conditions regulated by humans, we can ensure a smooth process and the generation of a quality end product faster and in bulk. Mature compost still takes time, no matter what you do since it is a natural process. We take plant waste and reflecting what happens in nature, we make a great plant-growing medium to improve soil and continue the process.

Compost in Bulk

Our compost is an organic material that is made up of yard waste products that have been mechanically broken down and decomposed over time. Compost is a key component of fertile soils. Organic material in the soil is one part of the soil's makeup and this is the part that holds nutrients and water so that it is available to the plants' roots. Soil with a good organic content is said to be very fertile. High compost content creates dark humus soil which is great for gardeners, landscapers and homeowners that want to improve the growing conditions in their soil for growing great gardens, vegetables and lawns.

Quality Compost

finished material after grinding and compsting P3150064 smallFinished compost material after grinding and composting that started out looking like the branches and brush pictured aboveCompost needs to be broken down material that has been well-screened for uniform particle size, free of glass and any other foreign contaminates. Meticulous control of the input material is the starting point for compost quality. Factors that go into quality compost are as follows:

  • Being a source of available nutrients
  • Add beneficial microorganisms
  • Good water-holding capacity
  • Enhances seed germination and plant growth, not prevents it
  • Does not introduce live weed seeds and pathogens
  • Compost must not increase soil salinity
  • Free of contaminates, such as glass and plastic bags
  • Have a high nutrient-holding capacity.

Our compost is a seasoned or mature compost made up of small particles that can be easily mixed in with soil or used for topdressing a planting area and making it a nutrient-rich soil supplement.

Composting Made Convenient

Recycling of organic waste to create quality compost takes preplanning, time, space and labor. If you do not have all of the above to make all the compost you want, then call us. With a phone call, we can deliver bulk compost by the yard with our fleet of trucks. We work every day to have screened, clump-free, well-seasoned compost that is the best possible so you can grow great crops.

To boost your growth of lawn or vegetable gardens, get some of our compost and see the difference in growth rate, water retention, softer soil and darker green growth. Call Paul at 781-254-2773.

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