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Boston Dirt for Lawn and Garden

DSCN5087 dirt smallIf you are looking for good growing dirt in the Boston area you have come to the right place because that is what we specialize in darn good dirt. It is a dirty job but some one had to do it. We do not supply the Boston Red Sox with dirt for Fenway Park, but we do supply Boston area home owners with "screened loam" for use around the house for a number of things. Most of the time our screened dirt is used for the following things;

  • As a base for better lawns
  • For top dressing lawns that have thin or bear spots
  • For Filling in low spots in lawns
  • For builing raised beds
  • For flowers and vegtables
  • New Planter beds

All these uses for qood screened dirt with high organic content is to make an area better were good dirt is missing or has been removed. If you need to do any of the above things around you house call use we have good screened firtle dirt.

Dirt normally refers to one of two things: soil or waste material. Ironically, some waste material, like composted leaves, can be used to make dirt better by adding organic material to the dirt so that it holds more moisture and nutrients. This king of dirt is often call manufactured dirt and can grow plants well. The dirt we sell is native soil that has the correct natural components to grow plants well. Then we screen out the rock that is too big to have in the soil for landscape purposes.

Boston Loam by its very nature has deals with a whole range of dirty situations every day. Some of the previous projects have been to dealing with separating plastic bags from yard waste and leaves to create quality compost. For construction projects being able germinae grass seeds and grow it on a sandy roadsides with no irrigation available. Applying our knowledge and effort in both cases, the dirty situations done right yield healthy soil that sustain the crops planted in it.

Quality screened dirt for landscape applications is the product we supply. Being farm-based and construction-related we have many connections to find the right sources of material to be able to supply good quality loam to our customers. Another name for dirt besides loam in other parts of the country it is called topsoil. Topsoil has a connotation of being a higher quality of soil since it is the top layer and should have the most nutrients in it.

Waste Material

Often, one's perception of dirt can be based on the situation. Cow manure can certainly be dirty if you step on it, but well-composted cow manure is a great additive to improve loam. Another waste item that can make for good loam would be road sweepings due to often having a lot of rotted leaves and the sand drains well. There are a number of industrial by-products that are high in organic material that can be supplements for topsoil. So, it all depends on the situation and the application.

Need Good Dirt?

Contact Boston Loam has the right dirt for your application. From high quality screened dirt to grow a great lawn to rocky fill that can level out low spots or washed out areas. Call 1-781-254-2773 or fill in our brief request for information form and we will get back to you promptly

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