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Screened Loam


BostonLoam sells and delivers loam like the soil pictured here. It is usually purchased as a growing medium to improve the landscaping around the house or to grow a better lawn. We handle native, high-quality topsoil that is also referred to as loam. Questions about our product can easily be answered by stopping by to look at our screened product or contacting Paul at 781-254-2773.

Our screened topsoil does not have to be raked out for establishment of turfgrass. The screening process provides a uniform product that has all 5/8-inch and greater sized stone removed. This allows a certain amount of small stone in the screened soil for body, but not enough to interfere with a comfortable lawn to play on. The screening of our topsoil allows us to ensure that a loam-like consistency can be produced.

The pH range of our topsoil is reflected in the natural range available here in Massachusetts since that is the source. Our topsoil/loam ranges from a pH of 6.0 to 6.8. You are welcome to test it for yourself prior to purchase. We do not offer a standard test since we obtain it from different places and mix it; therefore the exact same test result will not be produced each time.

Our screened loam is highly desirable as a supplement for your landscaping as it contains higher organic matter, a darker color, better tilth, and higher biological activity, such as earthworms, bacteria, and fungi than in local subsoils. Building activity, clearing of the property and erosion all contribute to the need for high-quality topsoil to provide for a better growing medium. We have the quality topsoil product for you.

Please call Paul at 781-254-2773 or contact us for delivery options.

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