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Super Soil

P4270092 super soil with grass smallThis rich super soil will grow grass which is why we show the clump of grass in the super soil

Our super soil available here in Boston is a mix of two high-quality products. It is designed to provide homeowners with a growing medium that will produce fast-growing plants. Our super soil is optimized by adding a high volume of compost to native soil. This blend of native farm loam and our own high-quality, aged compost holds both nutrients and water so it is available in the root zone for plant growth.

This blended soil product is chosen by landscapers and gardeners who want to take advantage of the combination they get from the fertility of compost, with the workability and structure of finely-screened of loam. Our super soil is dark and rich in color, and has been screened to less than 3/4″ particle size or less in a trommel screen.

Uses of super Soil

It is perfect for new lawn installations to improve the soil nutrient content and provide the best posible seed bed for the lawn.  For reseeding a lawn that has bad spots, top dressing with super soil does a couple of things. It is a little lighter so it is a little easier to cast with a shovel to create a seed bed for the grass seed. The compost in it causes it to fluff up better so it can be spread out more.

Better Lawn Seed Germination

The other benefit is realized after the seed has been planted. The increased moisture-holding capacity of the organic content releases water to the seed in a more consistent manner than other soils would. Certainly, consistent watering to get germination is needed but the results are just better and faster. One of the large applications of super soil is in building raised beds for flower and vegetable gardens so that the productivity of the vegetable plants is high. To put in work on the raised beds, it only makes sense to put in the best possible growing medium since you will reap the benefits of it over time. Certainly almost no one ever digs up a planting area to replace the soil. We supply you with a really great soil to add on top. Over time, with worm activity, freezing and thawing, it will also mix into the first layer of soil.

call for super soil smallOrdering is easy call and we will answer your quesions

An additional use for super soil would be back filling for planting trees and shrubs. The new root growth expands out of the original root ball into this high quality soil that will help them thrive over time.

Sold in Bulk

We sell super soil the same way we handle our other products. Typically, it is sold by the cubic yard, either picked up at our yard in Dedham, MA or delivered to you by our various size trucks. If you want a smaller quantity, please feel free to stop by with a five-gallon bucket and buy a very small quantity saving on plastic bags and packaging. Any questions, please call 781-254-2773.

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